Severn Mile Swim

Race Day Information

Race Info - 2016 will follow rougthly the same format


Registration begins                                08:30

Registration ends                               10:15

Race Briefing                                       10:30

Walk to Start                                       10:40

Enter Water via Pontoon gate               11:00                  Once the boat has sailed

Race Start Wave 1 (Fast Men)              11:05

Race Start Wave 2 (Fast Women          11:10

Race Start Wave 3 ( Mixed Slow)          11:15

Wave 4 (entries on the day)                11:20

Wave 5 (700m)                                11:25                May be combined with Wave 4

Finish ?


The Race course is from the Welsh bridge to just beyond Kingsland Bridge then upstream to the Pengwern Boat Club.

Swimmers in the 700m race only swim to the Pengwern Boat Club.



After the Race briefing swimmers walk en-masse to the start

There will be a kit wagon at the start where swimmers may deposit equipment to be taken back to the finish.


Competitors are counted onto the pontoon and may then enter the water when instructed.


The water depth mid-river below the start is very shallow, there is a dredged boat channel which swimmers will be made aware of and should swim on the right hand side for about 200m to avoid the shallow water. This area will usually be marked by canoes.


Swimmers can then move to the left hand side, which will shorten the bend in the river. Canoes will be in the centre of the river, keep them on your right.


At the first bouy 700m swimmers should swim to the pontoon, 1500m swimmers continue to the bridge.


Swimmers should swim around the turn marker in a clockwise direction before swimming upstream on the left hand side of the river.


A swimmers time will be taken from when they touch the pontoon, they should then continue along the pontoon to the mid section where they can exit the water.


There will be medals to all Pre-registered entries and a trophy for the first male and female finishers. In the non-Wetsuit, Wetsuit and 700m Race.